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Originally Posted by ppv-coach View Post
Not true if the cookie is the last one in.

Right, but either you're
A) Selling your own stuff so you have no competition - which is completely cool.
B) You're going to have to bid on your own offer and make sure that you're the last one to set the cookie.
The popups always come up after the person has landed on an offer so it would be:
1) Punter opts in
2) Punter clicks on your own link.
3) Punter goes to the offer homepage.
4) Punter gets a popup for the same offer.
5) Punter fills in needed info on (lets say) the first page submit.
6) You get dicked.

How can your cookie be the last one in that case? I'm nearly certain that you'd have to bid on your own affiliate offer.

Can anyone verify that this works? It seems completely counter intuitive to me. Sorry coach, but I don't see there to be any way to make more money off of PPV other than month 1 & 2.
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