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Default Coach can you PLEASE answer my question about tracker 2.0?


Normally I wouldn't make a post about this but I'm a little frustrated.

On 12-7 we were talking on AIM about the PPC coach tracker and you told me you had just uploaded the PPV 2.0 tracker. I downloaded it and told you the config file looked corrupted but you didn't answer.

Since then I've messaged you on AIM on 5 different occasions. The messages are going through because every time I start off with 'Hey I need to talk to you about the tracker...' or something and you reply 'hello'. I explain that I can't input my DB info in the config.php file because it looks encoded or something and I've never gotten a reply back.

I also posted this in the tracker section of the message board. On 12-10 you replied:
Originally Posted by ppv-coach View Post

Can you grab another copy?
I already messaged you I had downloaded it several times. You could have taken 2 minutes to download it, open the config and see what I was talking about. Since then, several other people have also posted about this. I've seen you posting in here regularly (even yesterday) but this question isn't getting answered.

I'm really not trying to start a big drama. I like this place and am learning a lot. I just don't understand why I can't get an answer about this. Even if its an 'I don't know'
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