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Default Bidding Strategies

When starting off your campaign, you need to decide what you are going to bid per view on your urls and keywords. There are a couple of ways to approach this. The factors to think about is the popularity of the targets as well as the current bid.

Strategy 1 Bid The Highest On All Targets

The first method is to get all of your targets in your campaign and immediately bid for the top spot on all of them. This method will get you the most traffic and data the quickest, but can also cost a lot.

Strategy 2 Bid High In Batches

Another way to bid is to put in all of your targets and set them all to the minimum bid immediately. Then take 5-10 urls and bid the top position on those to test them effectively. After you reach your maximum spend per keyword you will know whether to keep running it or not. Then test the next 5-10 down the line until your campaign is full of winners. This method is a bit more controlled and you can watch each url closer.

Strategy 3 Only Bid The Minimum

When dealing with a large number of targets (500+) sometimes it is best to set all of the bids to the minimum bid and watch the traffic. You don't always have to be in the top position to receive the traffic. With this many targets you should get enough traffic initially to evaluate the campaign, then you can move on to changing your bids accordingly.

What I like to do personally is a mixture of the above techniques. I typically find out which targets are the high volume targets and move them into a separate adgroup. I then manage those targets individually as the bid prices and traffic can fluctuate. I then take all of the low volume targets and put them in another adgroup and set the bids to the #1 position. This way I maximize my views on these targets. If I find a target that starts to get a high volume of traffic, I then move it to the 'traffic' group and manage it there.

Please post any questions you might have about bidding!
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