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Originally Posted by kakarot11 View Post
I haven't tried that but I have a campaign running that only gets about 100 impressions a day. I've continued to let it run and there seems to be a pattern where I wont get any leads for a while then a few days in a row where I'll get 2-3. What I'm wondering is if the number of people seeing these ads is limited to the number that has the adware installed, and once that group has seen our creatives a couple times and we got all the leads we can get out of them we have to wait until a batch of new users install the adware and we get a set of new customers. If that's the case, the only way I can think of countering that and trying to get steadier conversions would be to constantly ad new URL's and or keywords. Just a thought...what do you guys think?
I think that is possible for sites like or where the same people keep coming back each day to read new info. But if its a site where people are looking for an answer or a service I doubt a person comes back after their 1st visit or 2.

Try changing the days between IP views and see if your daily impressions go down.
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