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Originally Posted by drhowe View Post
First of all, don't use the wrong link. I'm pretty sure that can get you in trouble and put your earnings at risk.

Second, I've experienced something similar with all of my campaigns except for two of them. And both are running through Neverblue right now. On other Networks, I get a lead or two the first couple days and then nothing for weeks. This is true even when I'm using a rotation package to run the exact same offer over different networks.

I've had the most luck with Zango so far and don't use TV. I feel like I'm experiencing something similar on MT and AdOn, but of course I'm not tracking since the Tracker around here doesn't work...

Yea, I figured they want us to use the correct link. Was just thinking that might be a way to reduce the scrubbing or whatever else is going on with leads only happening on the 1st day. But since most people cloak or blank their referrers I'm not sure how the networks would know what link or traffic we are using anyways. Although with contextual they might, I don't know how it registers on there end since there is no click to initiate it.

Coach, can networks tell we are sending contextual traffic if we cloak/blank referrers?

Originally Posted by kakarot11 View Post
I'm seeing the same thing. I wonder if that's just the way PPV campaigns go?

Its good to know that you and drhowe are seeing the same thing. This would make me think we are not getting scrubbed and its just the way PPV is.

Have you guys always tried changing the amount of time in between showing the same IP your ads? I've tried 24 hours and then a few days and a week and still see the same problem. So its not like the same users are seeing the ad everyday.
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