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Default Scrubbing - Conversions Stopping after 1st Day

I've been using Traffic Vance for a few weeks now and I keep seeing the same pattern. Offers will convert the 1st day and then they just stop. I read Harry had the same problem when he promoted Acai. I've noticed pretty much the exact same thing with Acai. The explanation seems to be the merchant is scrubbing. I don't understand the ins and out of scrubbing but it seems odd I would be getting scrubbed after just a few leads especially with Acai since its a credit card submit.

Coach, since you own a network now could you provide some insight into scrubbing? Why would merchants scrub so quickly when the punter used their CC or did a Crush/Ringtone offer? I read Harry had his Crush or Ringtone offers scrubbed.

For these offers the merchant already got the CC/Pin submit. The only issue is if the punter could of canceled/refunded their subscription immediately. I always thought scrubbing takes awhile to set in since the merchant needs some time and more than a few leads to see how your traffic is doing for them. Kind of like how Coach talked about staying under the radar with zip/email submits. If your doing $100 a day on email submits your prob going get scrubbed but keep it $10 or under and you should be ok. Using this line of thinking getting 1 or 2 Acai converts on the 1st day should keep me under the radar.

Does anyone else have the same problem with TV? This problem has happened across multiple verticals not just Acai.

Another possibility is the network or merchant will discount Contextual traffic for whatever reason. So even though they allow it they automatically scrub it after detecting it. I haven't tested it yet but I wonder if using a search or banner affiliate link instead of the contextual/DSL ones would fix the problem. Anyone try this?

Sorry for the long post I just can't wrap my brain around what is going on. I've spent around $1K on TV and get excited ever time a campaign shows promise but they only do good on the 1st day.
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