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Default grossed over 100 from last night to rightnow

Okay, so i'm only a couple weeks old in this ppv and ppc stuff. I woke up this morning noticed i made over 100 bucks. I was so shocked and happy. Problem is I dont know how to get the tracking thing going in my database. I have all the url's set up to be tracked but so clueless on how to get the tracking part down.

Not cool when you make money and have now clue where its coming from.

Please help me out.

1. How do I get the update and tracking part of my tracker database working?

2. Once its working, how do i track stuff? input the cvs file from the affiliate network and then input the cvs file from the traffic source agency??? is that just it?

Also when I looked at my cvs file from hyrda network, i looked at the sub id part and it was blank for all my conversions. Was there suppose to be numbers or something in there???

Cluless in Texas but yet very happy cause i've been doing this less then a month! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!
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