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No, you need to make the move now. You an't afford not too.

These traffic sources will blow up shared hosting servers. If you have something like a shared account (any thing that is not dedicated) with host gator they will ban you if you push the server too hard. At that point you will be dead in the water.

You can get a semi-dedicated or better from about $30/month from many places. - this site will "watch" the offer page and if any changes occur it will email you. Changes can be server issues or offer landing page changes or expire offers. You enter in your cpa url not your splitter. And if you give the url in the watcher a subid of something like "test" you can see the impressions of it checking the offer serveral times a day (on networks that show impression ID tracking).

I only use it once I find a working offer so you dont need to do it too often.

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