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Good questions Didadel, I've been thinking

Most of the free trial offers are scammy and borderline fraud. For example, free trial offers like Green Tea, Wu Yi tea, the merchants are using 'force continuity' method to sell these products.

I would definitely be pissed if I get charged $90 for a few packets of green teas without even knowing about it. It's like 'haha gotcha' for not reading the fine prints sucker!

I know we are here to make money and all, I'm no saint, but no Scott Richter either, I just feel uneasy about this and I'm sure there's a better way to monetize the list.. like you said, people are going to be turned off if they get scammed once. How are we going to get them make another purchase for another offer later down the road?

I'm going to see The Dark Knight! Yay!
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