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yeah I would be super reluctant to send a bulk email with a zip or email submit offer. I filled on in once about 6 months ago (I used an aold email address) and it still gets 200 scam emails a day.

I would think you would piss off your list if you pumped them with email offers. So I'm developing my own products. I've bought PLR rights to about 200 products (for under $500) nad I'll be giving away ebooks, courses etc to build my list.

I'm designing my own email submit forms and once the names are collected I'll send heaps of information with a "sales letter" type email at most once every 6 months.

I'm also building in a "get another Free bonus" offer if they use my new "tell a friend script" to send a bulk email to their contact list. Hopefully this send my list viral.

I have targetted about 10 niches I'll attack to give free stuff away on and the good news is that nearly all the urls and keywords are 0.01 on ppv.

So I'll spend a budget of $5,000 on this and see how many I can get on my list.

This is going to be fun.
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