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Default Couple of questions

Ok so I have a few questions about email lists, specifically with freebies.

1. I feel like once a user tries and email submit and sees you have to complete 10 different offers to get your free gift card, they are going to be turned off and not sign up for another one. Are there some legitimate "freebie" offers that you can still earn commission on? Coupon codes, might work, but what else?

2. Also, I have never really written "letter copies" like this so maybe we could see some sample stuff?

3. How do you add value to your list and not just spam offers? Specific examples?

4. Kinda random factoid, aweber headquarters is like 2 minutes from my house and i never knew it!

5. Just saw Dark Knight and wow. Go see it if you haven't.

That is all. Let's see some activity on here ppl! =)
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