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Default Bidding I think I get it

Honestly some sites I dont see the advantage of getting in at the beginning and bidding up as a honest bidder. All it means is Im going to buy the product at full price. Tonight I watched and lurked on an olympus stylus tough camera on quibids. It was insane, 25.88 for the camera was the final amount. The cameras value was around 180, I watched 3 distinct groups of people come and go, and 4 people by my count bid so many times to end up getting the camera at a 0 BIN price. And I swear I saw one bot, by my count she had at least 8-900 bids in on this camera right off the start. That equals at minimum of 480 in bids on a camera that has a BIN feature... Unless this person had some serious freebie bids she spent a fortune, or was a bot. Right now my strategy is to log as much info as I can before I start some serious bidding. And I think the jumping strategy would work best on a big site like quibids, because quite honestly I can find the products they sell much cheaper than their BIN price, so if I want to pay a BIN price I will buy it at an online retailer. If I think I can jump in and get it cheaper I will.

As far as jumping as a strategy its a fairly easy math problem. No different than poker. You dont bet on every hand, you pick and chose your battles. I chose to only enter into a battle I have good odds of winning. The other night on another major site bidding got way out of hand, a 100 gift card went for almost 75... Wheres the savings in that? Add up all the bids you spent and time wasted for a 25 savings? Not to mention it makes me sick to know that 75= 7500 bids .60 a bid= 4400 profit on a 100 gift card..... Im nauseated.....
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