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Default The Sniper Method Explained

The Sniper Method

The sniper method, in it's most basic terms, is popping your affiliate offer on the specific 'action' or 'buy' page of an offer.

For example, you are not limited to targeting only a base url such as, you can also target By targeting the order page you are ensured people are in buy mode and are ready to purchase the product (or fill out the lead).

You can approach this two ways; first you can combine this with the self targeting method and pop up the same offer as the site you are on, or you can display a competitors offer. Of course, it is worth testing both!

Here is an example using the dating niche. Let's say you found an offer for that you would like to promote. The first way would be to find out every url that allows a signup to occur such as There may be a number of landing pages and entry points so do your research! On that sign up page you can then pop your offer for SinglesNet from the affiliate network. You are banking on the fact that a percentage of people will fill out your form in the popup window as opposed to the window beneath.

The second way to do this would be to simply pop up a competitors offer such as If the user is ready to sign up for a dating site perhaps you can entice them to a different site with a better looking picture or some other differentiators.

That is the basic method. Remember to think outside the box and be creative!
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