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Aye so here are the results of our split test.

First of all our basic landing page had 0,74% of CTR which is pretty low and not profitable no matter what we would be selling :P

Winning Landing Page was number 15th with CTR 6.77% so as we can see we managed to increase CTR by a lot with simple question to our users to
increase engagement.

2nd place goes to landing page number 4th with CTR of 3.76% we had a red header over here

3rd place goes to landing page 9 with 2 security buttons CTR of this one was 3.05%.

Some of landing pages that are worth testing with CTR>3%

#18 3.03%

#7 3.01%

Some other conclussions.
-With this test we see that there's no difference between number of lines in header.
-There is a huge difference between using lot's of security logos and only 2 of them (#7 at 1,50% and #8 at 3.05%)
-element which actually lowered CTR for us was warning sign #18
-coupon tag has increased CTR for us with female demo #16
-boarding was kinda netural element that increases by a bit CTR but doesn't affect position of other elements #4
-users are clicking more on continue button instead of final action on a button.
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