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Well it depends...

Using a different example:

Say you put, you will get everyone looking through their blog posts, going there to find their customer support, and get people who come there on their first action (type in or 1st click from another website).

But say you find they have a particular blog post about "why you should buy a new ipod" , well this person may be more likely to complete a CPA for "Win a free ipod, enter your zip." They also are more committed to clicks since they probably didn't just do a one click to go to that page, they are legit looking through the site because they are interested.

Only problem with this is you will most certainly see a lower volume. So it really depends on the site, the offer, etc.

Maybe gets a 50% CTR on your landing page and then a 10% conversion but only sends 100 clicks a day. 5 Conversions Total at $1.5 at 1.5cents.

And gets a 30% CTR on your landing page and 5% conversion but can send 1000 clicks. 15 Conversions Total at $15 cost at 1.5 cents.

At a $1 CPA you would get ($3.50 profit vs $0) and want to use the long URL, but at a $5 CPA you would want to take the Domain URL. ($23.50 vs $60)

Then you just need to analyze the payout and see which is working better.

Would you rather make 1500% ROI on 1 CPA or 500% ROI on 20 CPAs? It would depend on the offer payout and the exact ROIs compared between the two options.

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