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Originally Posted by David View Post
If they have another LP to use, try split testing that one with one where the lead form is on the right. That usually has a better conversion rate for me.

You might also try split testing the direct link with a landing page. Even if the form is simple, a landing page can often increase conversions
Thanks for the heads up, you know what that makes sense with having it on the right. I definitely see how someone eyes is more prone to going that way. Yeah I should build an LP asking a question or saying Discover your next partner or whatever it may be. Im going to try multiple approaches. Their LP looked really good and easy to convert, but I guess it's not very targeted nor does it intrigue or engage the user. Ill see if I can take a snip from the site and add some CSS to it so I can Customize the text. Thanks a bunch!


So in the end, this is what I've got, I know it's nothing amazing, but I just want to see if having an LP converts better, the only thing I dont like is there is no call to action, all I say is click on one of the happy couples.

this is the LP

Let me know your thoughts Thanks!

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