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Cool Dating Niche revisited

So Im just starting about to get my keywords approved, probably by tomorrow with lead imact. I am direct linking on these offers, but that is because I found some landing pages that seem like they would work well with PPV, plus the conversion can be accomplished while on the pop up, which is great. This is the landing page Im targeting. I have a ton of urls that I actually got from using the lead impact keyword tool......I figured why not? Then I added a couple long tail and some short keywords from adwords keyword tool. Okay enough waiting, here is the LP. Ive tested it with the Lead Impact preview pop, and it seems that everything fits nicely with the girl being seen and everything. So here's the lander. | - Online Dating

here is a picture of what the lander looks like. It's pretty convenient to direct link to IMO

So I guess Im just letting you guys know how this go, for now Im probably going to throw about 20$ or so at this one with a minimum of .025- .03 cent clicks for the dating niche.

So I will keep you posted, let me know if you have any questions. I would love to hear your opinions on the direct linking idea.

I know Christmas is over, but people are still in the christmas mode, so I figured a pretty girl like that with a christmas hat? Well let's try and monetize it.


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