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Default Test Email For CPC Network

Hi All,

I was a member of Bardon Advisors... a company that allowed to promote CPC's to Incentive Traffic. They recently got bought by Media Trust (Fortune 500 Company). Anyways... they dont allow incentive traffic anymore but my affiliate manager worked with me in Bardon Advisors and is my account manager at Media Trust...

He emailed me yesterday about me starting to do email marketing and that he could hook me up with good rates on CPC Click Offers in emails (Around $1.00 - $1.50 per click). He only needs me to send him a test email and he can approve me.

However.. due to my recent denial in AdKnowledge... I was wondering if anyone has gotten accepted to any CPC Click Networks (similar to Adknowledge or Adknowledge themselves) that they can perhaps share with me their email sent to this network so I can find out what the hell I did wrong and not make the same mistake again.

Please let me know
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